Uno Brings The Classic Game Action To Your Favorite System

The classic card game Uno delivers a fast, fun, and engaging experience that fans should enjoy.

The game offers various modes of play as well as the ability to play against A.I. or human opponents both online and locally.

The gameplay follows the card game where players must work through a deck to eliminate all of their cards first.

Cards are numbered and color-coated so a player must drop a card of the same color or match the number or symbol of the last card played.

Players can also use cards to block a player from taking a turn and changing the turn direction.

Other cards will add two or four cards to another player or change the suite color to whatever the dealing player selects.

A round can be played in a matter of minutes and it is easy to get drawn in and find that multiple hands have been played.

Uno is great fun and an ideal way to have fun for those looking to play the classic game electronically.

5 stars out of 5