Atari 50th Anniversary Soundtrack Revealed

Collectors and game fans should love this.

Atari 50th Anniversary Soundtrack Revealed.

This milestone marks the inaugural official soundtrack gathering several
titles from ATARI since 1983. Composed by Bob Baffy, this musical opus serves as a vibrant homage to the sonic heritage that has accompanied gamers and enthusiasts across generations.

The album features a meticulously remastered compilation of ATARI’s most iconic and memorable tracks, alongside new compositions, offering a captivating auditory journey that transcends time.

Available in a limited edition, the album hits shelves on April 17, 2024,
providing an exclusive opportunity to own a piece of ATARI’s sonic
history. In select regions, the album’s launch will coincide with the
Record Store Day.

“It is an honor and a privilege to collaborate with ATARI to breathe life
into the music that has inspired entire generations of players.