Ripout Reveals Gear Up Update

Looking forward to this.

3D Realms and Pet Project Games are excited to announce the second Steam Early Access content drop for RIPOUT: the Gear Up Update. This new update adds multiple facets to RIPOUT’s content repertoire with two new sets of gear complete with their own buffs and a sharp new katana to aid in the efficient maiming of your enemies. But that isn’t all; this update also contains a new hazard, new pet support mods, and perhaps most importantly, the ability to join public games while they’re in progress.

The Gear Up Update is live today along with multiple new bug fixes and improvements, specifically concerning enemy behavior and the feel of your various weapons.

In RIPOUT, you’ll face off against mutant monstrosities transformed by Cell, a human-made biological weapon that has turned its sights on its creators, able to adapt their bodies in grotesque ways. Use your trusty biomechanical Pet Gun to gain a tactical advantage over your enemies by ripping weaponry off them while exploring procedurally generated derelict spaceships, collecting loot, and customizing your character to survive whatever dangers lurk around the corner.

The Gear Up Update Features:

  • New Gear Sets: Covert Ops and Moth suits, each with a unique set of buffs for each piece of the garment.
  • New Melee Weapon: The katana has been added as a melee weapon. It trades the ability to knock back your enemies in favor of speed and deals more damage than currently available melee weapons.
  • New Hazard – Blaster Turret: The blaster turret is a projectile weapon that will spawn a blaster critter upon destruction.
  • New Pet Support Mods: Three new pet support mods have been added. Each is a passive modification for the pet gun that will trigger either an EMP, fire or acid type-damage in a radius around the player.
  • Join Public Games in Progress: One of the most requested features of the community, players will be able to join public games that are currently in progress, making it easier to make new friends and find games while playing RIPOUT.
  • Additional Features: The Gear Up Update also brings improvements to gunplay and enemy behavior, as well as new enemy animations.

For more information about RIPOUT, visit, follow the game on Twitter, and join the official Discord community. And if you want to see what was released in content update #1, check out the patch notes here.