Happy Funland Delivers Theme Park Chills In V.R.

With the advancements in virtual reality technology, many gamers have been able to enjoy more immersive and interactive options than ever before. One genre that is adapted very well to the virtual world is that of horror as there have been numerous games that have taken advantage of the technology to give gamers a unique and intense horror experience that cannot be obtained through gaming via traditional monitor or television.

Happy Funland is one such release in that it takes advantage of its premise and adds some fun and unique twists to the gaming experience. Players are hired to venture into a closed Florida theme park that is said to have a very tragic history to help a reporter with an online experience.
From creepy animatronics to alligators and creepy balloons, players venture into the park and must solve various tasks such as finding keys, and tickets, solving puzzles, and surviving.

The game draws you in from the start with a deceptively fun yet frustrating miniature golf game that takes a bit of learning and also provides players with a club that they can use as a weapon.

From going through attractions and gift shops, it soon becomes very clear that something is not only horribly wrong at the park but that sinister forces are still in play making your survival no laughing matter.

The game was so immersive that I found myself needing to take a break after about 40 min. because I was literally getting warm from constantly having my head on a swivel to take in the graphics as well as potential threats that came at me from all directions. I also had to adjust to the movement system that while effective did at times have me moving askew thanks to a mixture of thumb sticks and head tracking. The game offered an enjoyable and dark gaming experience for those who like an interactive survival horror game and I found the graphics as well as the theme park elements to be truly gratifying especially when combined with the very effective music and sound effects of the game. It is available for the PSVR2 and PC Via Steam and with an attractive price of $24.99 is well worth a look.

4 stars out of 5

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