MultiVersus Delivers A Fun Platform Fighter For The Entire Family

After years in early access and open beta, MultiVersus has arrived and brings a whimsical and very fighting platform loaded with numerous characters from the Warner Bros. and pop-culture universe.

With 27 playable characters at launch including several voice actors reprising their character roles from other media, classes can be broken down into assassin, bruiser, tank, and mage which offers a range of options.

There are also variants of various characters which are delightful to uncover as with enough time and patience a vast array of characters will be available. Where else can you have Shaggy from Scooby Doo franchise fight the Joker and then have Jason take on Bugs Bunny with Harley Quinn in tow and yielding all manner of unique and custom moves.

There were multiple currencies that could be used to upgrade characters ranging from cosmetics to characters and season pass options are available for those looking to maximize their gameplay. The season pass comes in both a free and premium variety and completing daily and seasonal missions adds to the options available for players.

Gameplay consists of players or players attempting to beat the other characters senselessly including knocking them off platforms and then pummeling them when they return.

Naturally, there are all kinds of finishing and special moves that are unique to each character and allow for a game that offers ease of use for people looking for a simple mode of gameplay as well as more advanced options for characters who truly want to let it all out.

While there is a one versus one option, two versus two/ Free for All is the general gameplay and one that I suspect most players will choose over time as their skills grow.

There are plenty of locales for battles to be waged and the vast potential library of characters does offer up some very interesting potential such as pitting the same characters from various eras against each other.

Graphically the game is bright and vibrant and moves at a smooth speed which should make for plenty of lightning-fast action for players.

While the game undoubtedly will undergo changes with subsequent updates and additions, it remains a fun and easily accessible platform fighter for those looking for a more family-oriented option without the gore of Mortal Kombat and one that is easy to enjoy in shorter or marathon gaming sessions.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for the game, but for now, it delivers on its potential and the potential for an even brighter future exists.


4 stars out of 5

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