Sugar Mess- Let’s Play Jolly Battle Is A Fun And Enjoyable V.R. Experience

Every once in a while a game arrives without a large amount of fanfare and exceeds expectations by being a very enjoyable and amusing distraction. Sugar Mess- Let’s Play Jolly Battle is one such release as I was contacted about the demo during our coverage of the Game Developers Conference.
Playing through two levels of the demo was very enjoyable and with the release of the full version of the game, I found myself loading up the PSVR2 in order to experience the release version of the game.

Players have to take a blaster and manually load shots into the chamber as well as grasp needed health and rockets to even the battle when it becomes pitched.

After making your way through a storybook and Pull Tabs punctuated by placing a castle piece on the ornate map, players must fend off waves of incoming hostiles who appear in whimsical forms but have zero problem peppering players from all angles.
Upon completion of a round, players are scored, graded, and given the opportunity to advance to the next level.

Right off the bat, the game offers up a big surprise as the second level combines a Theme Park simulation with the action as players must fend off attacks while riding the rails of a park attraction.
Needless to say, this is a lot of fun and brought back memories of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and The Dark Pictures: Switchback without the horror and adult content.

Subsequent levels involved puzzle solving and a prolonged Boss Battle which provided a challenge in diversity and made the game thoroughly enjoyable.

The whimsical graphics and sound effects are engaging and perfectly set the tone for the game as it has moments of challenge but generally provides a very fun and enjoyable family adventure game that the entire family can play.
Though be interesting to see what the future holds for the game as there are numerous possibilities for now; it delivers an engaging and fun experience for VR gamers.

4 stars out of 5

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