Star Wars” The Acolyte Is An Engaging Tale That Brings To Life A New Era In The Star Wars Universe

Set approximately 100 years before the prequel series in the era of the high Republic; the latest Disney+ series set in the Star Wars universe has arrived with Star Wars: The Acolyte. I was given an advanced look at the first four episodes and found the characters and storylines compelling as they gave a new look to the franchise yet stayed true to several of the classic elements.

When Jedi are being killed by a mysterious assassin; I Jedi master must get to the bottom of this deadly mystery and in doing so finds clues that lead to an incident from their past.
The series blends familiar Star Wars visuals with new looks for spaceships and the new planets it introduces. What really stood out was the combat that at times showed a martial art style when characters resorted to unarmed combat as it was refreshing to see different approaches blended with the familiar combat and weaponry associated with the franchise.

The series offers a diverse cast which brings a fresh perspective to the storyline as it was intriguing to see how the various characters combined into one is so far a very compelling story.
It will be interesting to see how a series set in an era we have not seen cinematically before with characters that are new to the franchise will be embraced. I must say that the show exceeded my expectations as I was a little unsure what it would entail but I found myself drawn and very quickly and eager to see what came next.

Regardless; the show is more than worth a look and I urge fans who are hesitant about the series to give it a chance as it is a very worthy entry into the franchise and one that I hope continues to be explored past the first season.

The first two episodes launch exclusively on Disney+ on Tuesday, June 4th at 6pm PT / 9pm ET

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