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Leiebil Tips in Europe


When you visit a specific country, a car rental will give you the convenience and freedom you want, especially if you have to go to multiple places. You can do stopovers and absorb the scenery as frequently as you want, and you’re essentially traveling at your own pace.

Some locals may guide you through attractions that are not usually available if you’re commuting, so car renting can be worth it. You can check Goautos leiebil for more information about how you can rent out cars as well as their current rates. Although there are rail systems in Europe, getting on a train can limit your options, and getting the passes can be more expensive.

Another advantage of driving your vehicle in another country is you can store your luggage in the trunk. This is ideal for solo travelers who have packed light and want to do some little exploration in the countryside. They may want to get larger vehicles that can accommodate their needs and make for a comfortable journey for families.

Where to Start?


You can book on many websites online and discover their prices. Know that the car rental price may vary each day depending on the season and availability. Search for both local and international companies and find the price that fits your budget. If you have the means, get a vehicle near the airport to lessen your travel time.

Search for deals and packages that are available, especially if it’s off-peak. You can rent cars on many websites regardless if you’re going to Slovenia, Poland, Germany, Scotland, Iceland, France, Norway, or Austria. With the right vehicle, you can explore the beautiful roads of Norway’s Lofoten Islands and the fantastic coasts in Amalfi, Italy.

About Insurance


It would be best if you had insurance because most of the roads in Europe are very narrow. This is evident in smaller towns when you go to the backroads of the countryside. Full insurance coverage will not only protect you as the driver but the vehicle that you’re driving as well. Read more about insurance in this link here.

Typically, you can get the basic Collision Damage Waiver. However, this is not exactly the kind of insurance that you want. The CDW only covers about 1000 to 3000 euros of damages, and the rest of the amount is going to be out-of-pocket expenses. This is also the amount that the companies will put on hold on your credit card until you return the car in full shape. The CDW does not include undercarriage damages, cracked windshields, and flat tires.

While most people often save a lot of money by booking a car using their credit cards with insurance, you need to read the fine print carefully. Most of the credit card insurance doesn’t cover you and the car damages. A total wreck may get a declined request, and when you suddenly learned that this is something you should pay for, it might ruin the vacation, which is a horror story that you need to avoid.

This is why full coverage insurance that’s booked beforehand is always helpful. This is a cheaper option than going into offices, and you don’t have to worry about the expenses when accidents happen.

How Much is the Average Rental Price?


The car rentals have different pricing depending on the make and model of the vehicle, the time of the year, the country where you’re going, the number of days you need, and many other factors. The average price is $30 to $90 per day, and this can still change depending on the company you’ve contacted. A four-door sedan for couples can have an average of about $50 a day. You may want to check some pricing and quotes online before going for a specific company.

Vehicles with massive trunks can keep your luggage and hide it from prying eyes. This can also prevent possible break-ins if a thief can’t exactly see what they are going for.

Prices of Gas

Petrol in Europe may seem cheap if you are in the USA but remember that the quotes are in liters and not gallons. For a clearer perspective, a gallon is going to be 3.78 liters. The cost of gas can be $7.14 for each gallon in Portugal and $5.93 per gallon in the UK. This can vary according to the world market but make sure that you prepare extra for this, especially if you’re driving a long ride.

Most companies will give you a full tank, and they expect the same upon returning the vehicle. There may be surcharges generated if you return with an empty tank, and they can be more expensive than when you refill into a gas station. If possible, go with diesel cars because they can give you a lot of miles in a few liters, and this can save money in the long run.

Manual vs. Automatic

Automatic cars are typically more expensive than manual. However, the most common vehicles you may find in Europe are the manual ones, and you should expressly state which type you prefer upon booking. In some cases, you may discover that all the automatics have been rented out. You may be only left with the manual option, so be prepared to drive this during emergencies to prevent delays.

However, it’s worth noting that if you have never driven a manual car before, you shouldn’t start in Europe, where the roads are narrow, and you’re unsure of the terrain. Look for companies that offer automatic even if it’s going to cost you more initially.

A One-Way Rental Option

Some companies may charge additional fees in Europe for one-way rentals, and the amount can vary. As an example, dropping off your vehicle in a different city where you’ve started initially is possible, especially if the company has another branch in the area.

The fees are expensive if you want to drop off in another country. This can add a few hundred euros to what was initially quoted.

Booking in Advance

You can book your trip way ahead, especially if you want to get discounts and prices. Know that when you use your card for insurance, many companies can charge administration fees, ranging from 10 euros to 30 euros. You can expect this, especially if you’re going to travel to popular destinations like Paris, France or Oslo, Norway. The sweetest spot is to book six months in advance to get the best rates available.

Know that you can take advantage of free cancellation, so you won’t get charged if anything comes up before the trip. You have to ask whether you have an option for free cancellation or there’s none upon booking to prevent misunderstandings.

Car Requirements

Check the requirements and documents that you need to carry with you in each country you’re visiting. Many Americans and Canadians are required to bring their passport and driver’s license when renting. Some of the countries may require an International Driving Permit before you go to other places.

The rules may change accordingly, but an International Driving Permit is always welcome in Spain, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Croatia, Romania, Poland, Italy, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. There are IDPs available on Canadian or American Automobile Associations, so be sure to get them before leaving your home country. Expect to pay at least $20 for two passport-size photos when getting them.

Age Restrictions

The age requirement when it comes to vehicle rentals in Europe can vary. Some travelers who are over 25 years old may not have problems, but this can be different for younger drivers. Some will allow those over 18 years old to drive provided that an adult accompanies them, and they purchase special insurance that can add over $15 per day on the rent.

Those over 70 years old may not be permitted to rent in Turkey, Poland, Northern Ireland, Great Britain, and Greece. Denmark does not allow rental for people who are over 80 years old. In Ireland, if you are over 69 years old, you may be paying extra fees.


Vignettes are stickers that you put on the car’s windshield, and they indicate that you’ve paid the highway taxes. They are available in many border crossings, and they can range from 3 to 10 euros, which will largely depend on the country. Your car rental company will advise you about these things and let you know about vignettes before starting the trip.

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