The Epos H3 Headset Is A Versatile Winner

Greetings & Salutations Everyone,

Well now, apparently folks take my tech/gear write-ups seriously. At least more so than I imagine since now I’ve been tasked with sharing my opinion on another piece of audio tech. Let’s take a look at the EPOS H3 closed acoustic gaming headset, shall we?

EPOS set out to create a headset to meet the demands of gamers who believe that superior audio performance is absolutely necessary to compete at the best level regardless of the game or the platform being utilized which is no easy task in an ever-changing and constantly evolving world of technologies. Whether it’s iOS or Android, Nintendo or PlayStation, XBOX or PC, EPOS appears to be the one headset that can get the job done. Its key features consist of EPOS engineered audio featuring deep bass allowing for a spine-rattling experience during the game and clear communications with your teammates or opponents, a studio-rated microphone, closed acoustics, instant mute, and instantaneous plug and play software.

Its adjustable lightweight design allows for a comfortable fit utilizing stainless steel sliders in the headband with numbered indicators and hinged ear cups that fit comfortably around the player’s skull features. Another key feature that ups the ante is an adjustable microphone that allows for in-game communications simply by raising or lowering the boom arm to chat and lifting to mute. EPOS touts the notion that this audio headset will make it quite challenging for the enemy to sneak up on your and thus far, those who have had first-hand experience with the headset all seem to abide by that statement. Right now, the headset is only available in two colors blank and white. With the demand though from gamers for the ability to customize their gear whether it’s headsets or game platforms, I’d imagine there’s a fair chance that could change in the future. The price of this headset rounds off at about $119 (not including shipping) which may vary depending on which outlet you make your purchase from. Everyone at this point agrees though that the money is well spent. Two of the most frequent questions about this headset was would it pick up calls? The answer is ‘yes’ to both. It will work with GSX 300, GSX 1000, or GSX 1200 Pro amplifiers and will answer calls from devices that feature a 3.5 mm jack port.

All this being said, if you’re in the market for a headset that will allow you to keep pace with your rivals and your teammates without breaking the bank, his is definitely an option you should consider.